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Healthcare Horrors podcast

In this podcast we will dive into the nightmares of healthcare professionals who bestow their knowledge of medicine against us when we are most vulnerable and commit murder. We are not healthcare professionals, we are just fans of true crime.

Sep 3, 2022

Operation Flytox is in full effect! In today's episode of Healthcare Horrors we welcome one of Atlas MedStaff's star recruiters, Elyse Woods. Elyse remotes in through the power of the internet which allowed us to also record video which can be found on YouTube.
Marcel Petiot was very ambitious in the world of schemes and murder. At a very young age he was a trouble maker that under went psychic evaluation and was diagnosed mentally unstable. After serving in WWI he was able to get his medical degree through an accelerated medical program which opened the door to more schemes and murder. Then during WWII he started Operation Flytox. Was he a member of the French Resistance and killing the German enemies or was he just taking advantage of France's turmoil to commit murder?