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Healthcare Horrors podcast

In this podcast we will dive into the nightmares of healthcare professionals who bestow their knowledge of medicine against us when we are most vulnerable and commit murder. We are not healthcare professionals, we are just fans of true crime.

Nov 27, 2022

Who's watched "The Good Nurse" on Netflix? 

Did you know that it's based on a true story?

On this episode of Healthcare Horrors, we talk all about Charles Cullen. Who, most definitely, is NOT a good nurse.

Nov 12, 2022

This one is recent! As the case unfolds we will follow the alleged murders of Lucy Letby. Letby is a neonatal nurse in the UK who is currently on trial for the murder of 7 babies and attempted murder of 10 more. This day and age you think there would be more screenings for mental health in this kind of industry, but you...