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Healthcare Horrors podcast

In this podcast we will dive into the nightmares of healthcare professionals who bestow their knowledge of medicine against us when we are most vulnerable and commit murder. We are not healthcare professionals, we are just fans of true crime.

May 27, 2023

🩺 Are you ready to uncover the dark truths and untold stories lurking within the healthcare industry? Join us on Healthcare Horrors podcast as we delve into the medical malpractice case of Stephan Letter in Germany! 😱🏥

🔬 It did not take long for Stephan Letter to start killing elderly patients once he made...

May 13, 2023

📢 Attention, listeners! 🎙️

Get ready for a spine-chilling episode of "Healthcare Horrors" that will send shivers down your spine! Join us as we dive deep into the dark and twisted world of William George Davis, a name that will forever haunt the corridors of the medical profession.

In this bone-chilling episode,...